Spencer Gulf Cities releases Federal election platform

The Mayors of the Cities of Whyalla, Port Pirie and Port Augusta have today released their Spencer Gulf Cities (SGC) 2022 Federal Election Platform Document outlining the commitments sought from candidates for the seat of Grey. Key focus areas for SGC are aligned to its 9% population growth stretch target (for achievement over the next 10 years) and on delivering the workforce needed to support planned investment in the region, estimated at $15billion and 9000 jobs.

“Our election priorities have been developed following consultation with the cities of Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Whyalla and we stand ready to support the next Federal government and the successful candidate for the seat of Grey to deliver prosperity and growth for both the region and the state” said Mayor Leon Stephens, Chair.

Commitments being sought from the candidates for Grey are, in summary:

  1. Green / renewable energy infrastructure
    SGC seeks a commitment for parties and candidates to work with it to:

    1. Establish a Green Energy Centre of Excellence / Education & Skills Hub in the region
    2. Identify and create opportunities to attract new businesses and industry-aligned to the significant hydrogen production opportunities planned for Port Pirie and Whyalla
    3. Maximise delivery of forecast renewable energy private sector forecast investment
  2. Water infrastructure
    SGC seeks parties and candidates to commit to working with it to ensure water security for residents and industry through:

    1. Supporting the conduct of demand studies and modelling aligned to current and future water needs
    2. Support infrastructure investment aligned with demand modelling
    3. Support the development of climate change and adaption strategies (as they relate to water use)
  3. Housing
    SGC seeks a commitment from parties and candidates to work with it to enable the delivery of housing supply to meet current and future needs including:

    1. Creating incentives to accelerate residential development with a priority focus on housing built to rent, diversity of dwelling types and delivery of truly affordable housing (for rent and for sale)
    2. Creating incentives to upgrade existing poor-quality dwellings to increase rental supply
    3. Sharing in the cost and risk of delivering new housing by contributing to the cost of common infrastructure
  4. Education and workforce
    SGC seeks a commitment for parties and candidates to provide regionally-based resources and funding that enables the development and delivery of workforce, education and skills programs, projects and support aligned to identified regional job opportunities, skills gaps and barriers to employment, with the following aims:

    1. Secure traineeship, apprenticeship (including school-based apprenticeships) and academic opportunities aligned with skills needs now and into the future
    2. Support workforce development and service delivery and assist local businesses to access skilled workers aligned to specific regional needs (including access to skilled and unskilled migration)
    3. Better connect young people in schools with future opportunities through collaboration with industry, and providing enhanced career guidance aligned with future job opportunities
    4. Increase regional engagement with existing government programs and support for both
      employers and jobseekers and ensure alignment with current and future needs in training and
      education in the region


Mayor Leon Stephens, SGC Chair & Mayor Port Pirie Regional Council – Mobile 0417 080 961
Mayor Clare McLaughlin, SGC Deputy Chair & Mayor City of Whyalla – Mobile 0428 698 665
Mayor Brett Benbow, SGC Board Member & Mayor Port Augusta City Council – Mobile 0419 423 777