Upper Spencer Gulf Common Purpose Group

Upper Spencer Gulf Common Purpose Group

Collaboration Continues on the Multi-Billion Dollar Growth Opportunities in Upper Spencer Gulf

June 23, 2023 |

Intergovernmental collaboration continues between State and Local Government in an effort to progress commitments made for the growth of the Upper Spencer Gulf region through infrastructure, business, health and social support. The most recent meeting took place on 9 June, and was attended by the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Geoff Brock, Damien Walker…

Spencer Gulf Cities Regional Partnership Priorities September 2022

Spencer Gulf Cities and its member councils recognise the significant economic potential of the region as well as the need to increase the economic enabling capacity of the region to capitalise on that potential. The purpose of this document is to align our advocacy efforts and collective resources to key priority actions and outcomes that can increase the capacity of the region (economic, social and environmental) to support forecast growth (currently estimated at $15billion investment and 9000 jobs).

Transforming the Upper Spencer Gulf

This report aims to capitalise and build on the strengths of the Upper Spencer Gulf, and lead the region’s transformation towards a competitive, vibrant and self-reliant economy and community.

Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy

The Upper Spencer Gulf Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy (Strategy) is a document that sets what the region is aiming to achieve and the framework for managing waste and resources over the next 5 years. The Strategy also provides background information on the drivers, and guiding principles that support the development of the Strategy’s objectives and opportunities.

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