Host Future Gather-Round matches

At the Spencer Gulf Cities meeting (Whyalla, Port Pirie and Port Augusta Councils) held earlier this week, the three Mayors acknowledged the great success of the AFL Gather Round held in Adelaide and Mount Barker and congratulated the Premier and the State Government for securing three more years.

The Mayors discussed one of the three Councils hosting matches each year and resolved to send an expression of interest to the Premier and Minister for Sport & Recreation.

In considering putting in a bid, the Spencer Gulf Council Mayors acknowledged that:

  • all three cities have ovals and facilities that are well equipped, albeit some adjustments might need to be made
  • fast travel arrangements could be put in place for the coaches, players, team officials and spectators
    to cut the travel time to a quick flight to Whyalla or Port Augusta, with bus travel to the relevant city
    hosting in any one year
  • young people in their towns could benefit from associated football clinics and the like, particularly our future Indigenous players

Mayor Stephens, as Chair of the SGC, said, “Our cities are large and can put on a good show to support
spectators while providing players, coaches and team officials with the appropriate standard facilities. Our
Councils are committed to playing their role alongside the State Government to make it a success to hold
rounds in our cities, and Minister Brock has already been on the phone showing his support.”

Mayor Shine from Port Augusta said, “Young people in our city would benefit from a gather round in our
region, where we could put in place footy clinics and other associated activities to add to the whole

Mayor Stone said, “there is a lot happening in the Spencer Gulf in terms of economic growth. Hosting this
event would give us a chance to showcase our cities and the region to the nation, all while providing a boost to our regional economy. It would also further enhance the liveability of our city by demonstrating our capability to host first-class sporting events, making it more attractive to prospective skilled workers and their families. This could ultimately help increase our population and address skill shortages in the region.”

A submission will be finalised over the coming weeks and provided to the Premier and Minister for


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