Spencer Gulf Cities Tackle Planning and Coast

Representatives of the Spencer Gulf Cities held their recent meeting in Port Augusta, with issues around development planning, public health, coastal management and meeting with key representatives of the new Liberal State Government all up for discussion.

Meeting Chair, Port Pirie Mayor John Rohde said the three Councils are continuing to progress a number of joint operations that could result in financial and resourcing efficiencies.

Special guests from the Local Government Association, Mr Chris Russell and Mr Danny Broderick provided the Group with updates on public health planning, library funding and changes to the LGA constitution.

Whyalla Mayor, Lyn Breuer, said it was important for the three Cities to meet with key representatives from the new Government, with arrangements to be made over the next couple of months.

“We will give the new Government time to settle in, but we need to make sure there is a good level of understanding of the issues and opportunities our three cities and our region is facing.”

“We have come so far over the last few years in our economic transition, but now is not the time for us to rest – we must keep pushing forward with opportunities to diversify and strengthen our economy and our communities, so we are more resilient the next time we have a downturn.”

The Cities also noted escalating task and cost of coast protection and management for Councils across SA, with additional pressure from rate capping.

A Coastal Councils forum to be held in Adelaide 1st May to determine scale of the issue and interest in forming a statewide Coastal Councils Alliance.


Mayor John Rohde, Port Pirie Regional Council – Mob: 0417 080 961
Brett Benbow, Port Augusta Council – Mob: 0409 279 170
Mayor Lyn Breuer, Whyalla Council – Mob: 0419 806 415